“ECG Workshop in Medical Emergencies” 10thNov 2018

AFIC & NIHD has organized an ECG Workshop themed ‘ECG in Medical Emergencies’, at Zulfiqar Auditorium at AFIC & NIHD, Rawalpindi. The workshop shall start at 09:00 hrs and culminate at 17:00 hrs.

The workshop shall consist of a full day of carefully planned interactive sessions making use of an audience response system. The activity shall focus on practical problems in clinical management of cardiac and non-cardiac emergency situations.

We shall be delighted to welcome you, your trainee doctors, postgraduate students and allied professionals. Registration is FREE (complimentary) but mandatory due to limited seating capacity. Prospective participants may please be instructed to get themselves registered by contacting Mr. Masood Ahmed at Cardiac Electrophysiology Department, AFIC-NIHD Rawalpindi Pakistan

Email: electroafic@gmail.com

telephone: ­­­­­051-9271002 Ext: 3235



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