Research & Publications



1- Clinical characteristics of patients presenting with typical and atypical chest pain in Emergency Department: A clinical audit
2- Outcomes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in Emergency Department of AFIC & NIHD. Out-of-hospital versus witnessed-cardiac arrest: A comparative study
3- Comparing Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients of acute heart failure with reduced EF to those with preserved EF
4- Prevalence of chronic total occlusion in a tertiary care cardiac center in Pakistan
5- Comparison of Right Coronary artery (RCA) and left circumflex artery(LCX) related acute inferior wall MI in patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention
6- Frequency of early left ventricular thrombus in patients presenting with various types of acute STEMI using Echocardiography as a measuring tool
7- Correlation of Angiographic Findings And Syntax Score With High sensitivity Trop I In Patients Presenting With Non St Elevation Myocardial Infarction
8- Procedural success rate of CRT-D implantation in heart failure patients
9- Association of age with hemodynamic responses to the head up tilt test in patients with vasovagal syncope
10- Frequency of risk factors in patients of coronary artery disease undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery(CABG) at a tertiary cardiac care unit
11- Aortic root replacement: Classical Bentall vesus Copeland’s modification

12- Comparison of the effect of serum lactate levels during cardiopulmonary bypass on patient outcome
13- Correlation of risk factors associated with post-operative delirium in cardiac surgical intensive care unit.
14- Outcome of Sepsis in post-operative adult patients of cardiac surgical intensive care unit.
15- Transcatheter Device Closure Of Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) With Transvenous Approach Only; An Experience Of 55 Cases
16- Six year experience of Transcatheter relief of congenital aortic valve stenosis in pediatric population at AFIC & NIHD.
17- Efficacy of MAPCAs coiling in patients of Tetralogy of Fallot
18- Does prevention of pulmonary valve through transatrial and transventricular approach in primary repair of tetralogy of Fallot improves clinical outcomes: A pilot study at AFIC & NIHD.
19- A comparative study of cyanotic & acynotic patients’ outcome in a post-operative intensive care unit at AFIC & NIHD.
20- Comparison of nutritional intake and optimum nutritional requirements in pediatric intensive care of a tertiary care hospital in Rawalpindi
21- Hypoalbuminemia in cardiac surgical PICU patients
22- Postpartum Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (PPIUCD) insertion in cardiac patients
23- Family Witnessed Resuscitation: a descriptive study on perception of Pak Army Nurses
24- Effect of Duration of Ventilation and Underlying Etiology on the Outcome of Patients receiving Ventilatory Support in Coronary Care Unit
25- Visual Quantification Of Adenosine Stress Induced TC-99M MIBI Myocardial Perfusion Spect In Left Bundle Branch Block and It’s Comparison With Coronary Angiography
26- Effects of Low Volume Ventilation during Cardiopulmonary Bypass on Postoperative Pulmonary Outcome after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
27- A review of primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases risk factors in Pakistan (Review Article)
28- Pacemaker related complications
(Case Report)
29- Triple vessel coronary artery disease with Ventricular septum rupture (Case Report)
30- Trans-catheter stenting of severe coarctation of aorta- technique to preserve flow to left sub-clavian artery (Case report)
31- A case of unusual systemic and pulmonary venous drainage (Case report)

Ongoing Research Projects of R&D dept

1. Assessment of cardiovascular & Behavioral risk factors among Pakistan army personal.
2. Clinical Audits
• Hospital re-Admissions
• Hand hygiene compliance
3. Management of stuck valve
4. Hospital acquired infections
5. Aortic valve ballooning-long term follow up
6. Pre Op waiting time of congenital surgery patients
7. Incidence of stroke in cardiac surgery