Services Provided

Out Door:

Electrophysiology Department runs two Out Patient Clinics in week.

  1. Monday: (Arrhythmia Clinic) for all new patients and follows those who have undergone EPS + RFA (Electrophysiology Study & Radiofrequency Ablation).
  2. Friday: (Pacing Clinic) for all new patients and follow up patients who have been Implanted with Devices.
  3. Head up Tilt Test: Done on daily basis.
  4. Holter Recording Services: Holter Recorders are placed on daily basis to record any arrhythmia. At present we have x 2 Holter System with 32 Recorders.
  5. Provision of Recording of SAECG: A special form of ECG, SAECG is a highly significant tool for diagnosis of various arrhythmias.

In Door: EP Patients (Related to Arrhythmia & Pacing) are managed in all cardiology wards.

Cath Lab-Work Load:

  1. Electrophysiology Study and Ablations Procedures are carried out twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday. So far we have carried out 2453 procedures. We have also 3-D Mapping System for mapping of complex arrhythmia.
  2. Pacing / Devices: Devices Implantation Procedures are done twice a week. We implant all kinds of Devices including (ICD & CRT-D). So far we have Implanted 194 Devices.


  • Monday : 0800 to 1500 hrs : Arrhythmia Clinic
  • Tuesday : -: Cath Lab – All Day
  • Wednesday : -: Cath Lab – All Day
  • Thursday : 0800 to 1500 hrs : Pacing Clinic
  • Friday : – : Cath Lab – All Day

Contact no of Dept: 051-9274092

Exchange : 9271002 Ext. 3591, 3235