The clinical laboratory at armed forces institute of cardiology and national institute of heart diseases was established with the hospital in 1987 .it has been designed for the needs of cardiology patients. The equipment was chosen for the ability to provide not only quality results, but to be able to provide those results in a very quick and efficient fashion. The laboratory is connected with satellite collection point and whole hospital through computers for online ordering of tests for both outpatients and inpatients and online display of patient results.

Patient Volume:

The Clinical Lab Is Dealing With A Heavy Work Load Of Both Indoor And Out Door Patients.The Average Work Load Of Various Lab Facilities Is About 1.5 Million / Year

Patients Categories:

 We provide a vast range of excellent diagnostic facilities for the indoor / outdoor patients of armed forces personnels ,federal government employees, government officials including members of senate and national assembly as well as to  our civilian private patients .

Scope Of Services:

Chemical Pathology:

The chemical pathology department is equipped with the state of art Selectra-xl hitachi-912 clinical chemistry analyzers .This department provides a vast range of routine and specialized clinical chemistry diagnostic facilities.


Hematology Department has Sysmex XS1000i, poch and KX-21 Hematology Analyzers. This department provides routine blood complete picture, peripheral blood morphology, blood grouping and various body fluid examinations.


Coagulation department is equipped with the latest ca-500 series Sysmex coagulation analyzer and provide routine monitoring facilities for anticoagulant therapy like prothrombin time (PT), inr,activated partial thromboplastin time(APTT),fibrinogen level etc.

Blood Gases/ Electrolytes:

Blood gases and electrolytes are performed with two latest version gas analyzers and two electrolytes analyzers round the clock

Clinical Microbiology & Infection Control:

This department provides diagnostic services for culture and identification of bacterial infections and related investigations including antimicrobial susceptibility testing. The department also carries out healthcare worker screening , environmental air sampling and surveillance cultures for infection control of the hospital.

Special Diagnostics Serology And Immunology:

This department provides services for autoimmune serology including RA factor, ANA, hepatitis b and c serology (screening and ELISA), CRP analysis and ASOT etc.

Clinical Pathology:

This department caters for diagnostic services pertaining to routine stool and urine examination. It is fully functional with URISCAN pro+ urine chemistry analyzer.