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Military Hospital Rd, Rawalpindi

Cardiac Surgery

Our Cardiac Surgeons are now performing all types of Adult Cardiac Surgery, Pediatric Cardiac surgeries including complex cases and Adult Congenital heart defects surgeries.

Institute is all set to perform Heart Transplant. We have dedicated Heart Transplant DepartmentHeart Transplant Ward, Foreign trained Surgeons, Anesthetists, Cardiologists and Immunologists. The issue is availability of donors. To address these issues 1st National Transplant Conference was held in Jan 2013, hosted by this institute.

Due to one of the most professional Anesthesia backup, and highly sophisticated and modern Intensive Care support we are performing surgeries on poor LV, with respiratory problems, very high PA pressures, renal failures, hepatic impairment, and carotid disease.

We have foreign qualified and trained staff to look after the need of the patient. Set protocols add up the safety to patient. Continuous audit by Infection Control Dept, ensures lowest infection rate and cost effectiveness.

In Pediatric Cardiac surgery, our team is performing all types of surgeries. Trained by ICHF team for 5 years, we are able to perform any type of complex surgeries with no minimum age limit.  Dedicated separate Operating Rooms and Pediatric Intensive Care with Professional staff we offer you best child care.

Many patients who were planning to go to other countries for their surgeries were treated here in much less cost.


Monday-Friday (Except holidays)             0800 hrs-1500hrs

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+92 51 9271002 Ext          3064 (Out Patient Supervisor)
+92 51 9271002 Ext          3052 (Dept secretary)

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