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Military Hospital Rd, Rawalpindi

Training and Research Branch

Training Branch coordinates, supervises and conducts training and research activities in AFIC-NIHD. This department is committed in training programs for Medical Officers, Nurses, Paramedical Staff and Medical students in building up their knowledge, skills and competencies. It coordinates continue training programs required beyond initial qualification for own and allied staff, tradesmen and other professionals  in order to maintain, upgrade and update their skills throughout working life. With concerned departments, training branch also organizes presentations, conferences, seminars and research programs on the latest developments in the field of cardiology.

 Misc Training Activities  

  • Weekly joint cardiac cath conference
  • Fortnightly morbidity / mortality conference of surgeons and anesthetists
  • Fortnightly journal club meeting of all disciplines
  • Echo / ECG class for cardiologists
  • Films/ shows/ presentations/ lectures by National/ International companies
  • State of Art common lectures once in a month by specialist officers
  • Academic council and Institutional Review Board (IRB) activities

Collaboration with other Centers of Excellence

Facing the challenges of the 21st century, AFIC/NIHD is continually involved in achieving high levels of professional training, developing research and cultivating professional experts. In doing so, it has integrated national and international collaboration programs with other Centers of Excellence in disciplines as follows:

Cardiac Surgery

  • University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust UK


  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, UK
  • Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad
  • PIMS Hospital, Islamabad Adult Cardiology
  • Shifa International Adult Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiology

  • Military Hospital Rawalpindi
  • PIMS, Holy Family, Benazir Bhutto, Shifa International , Islamic International, KRL, NESCOM hospitals
  • Children Hospital Lahore, Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore
  • PGMI ( LRH Peshawar), NICVD Karachi
  • Elevina Children Hospital London
  • Glansfiled Hospital UK Leicester
  • IJN Malaysia


  • University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust UK
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