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Quality Assurance

We, at AFIC/NIHD strive to provide quality care which is safe, timely, efficient, and effective. We endeavor to meet the requirements and expectations of our patients and their families.  Quality and safe care are our top priority.


AFIC/NIHD, a pioneer in tertiary cardiac care has played a leadership role in implementing its Quality Management System and promoting Quality in healthcare service delivery by attaining ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2001 and maintaining the ISO 9001:2008 certification. AFIC/NIHD is committed to continuing professional development in all spheres of healthcare including Quality Management


“We are committed to continual improvement in quality of patient care.”


The realization of quality is NOT the sole responsibility of one department; the whole organization strives for quality.


  • Nurturing professionalism via staff empowerment and Quality, progress and improvement come from everyone who works at AFIC/NIHD.
  • Continually improving our system and processes based on quality objectives.


In a systematic manner we assess different processes of patient care and collaborate with various departments in the improvement of patient care which encompasses quality assessment, and process review. For improving patient care we ensure feedback from the patients as well as our staff for the satisfaction of both. Regular internal and external quality audits are also carried out to ensure compliance. Where suitable, the QMR advises on changes and their implementation and provides tools and techniques to enable others to achieve quality. The department reports to the Commandant/Executive Director.

 Training & Development

We have collaborated with Pakistan Institute of Quality Control (PIQC) for training of our staff to enhance professionalism in Quality Management.

Deputy  QMR

  • Dr.Naseer Ahmed Samore


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