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While cardiologists can perform procedures, when we specifically use the term clinical cardiology, we are usually referring to non-invasive approaches to heart care.

Dentistry, also known as dental medicine and oral medicine, is the branch of medicine focused on the teeth, gums, and mouth.

Cardiac surgery is the specialty of medicine concerning the surgical treatment of pathologies related to the heart and thoracic aorta.

Rehabilitation Centre means a registered institution that provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitative treatment for physical injury, dysfunction, or disability.

Gynecology  is the area of medicine that involves the treatment of women’s diseases

A computed tomography angiogram (CT angiogram) is a test that uses X-rays to provide detailed pictures of the heart and the blood vessels that go to the heart, lung, brain, kidneys, head, neck, legs, and arms.

The ER is a department in a hospital or medical center. There you don’t need an appointment. But that means many people may need treatment at the same time

Heart surgery in children is done to repair heart defects a child is born with (congenital heart defects) and heart diseases a child gets after birth that needs surgery. 

Nuclear medicine is a specialized area of radiology that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials to examine organ function and structure.

An IT organization is a department within a company that is charged with establishing, monitoring, and maintaining information technology systems and services.

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