Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Traditionally, pediatric cardiac anesthesia was practiced along with the adult cardiac anesthesia since the establishment of AFIC / NIHD. From January 2005, a dedicated team of cardiac anesthetists, pediatric cardiologists, pediatric cardiac surgeons, cardiac perfusionists, PICU/OR nurses, respiratory therapists and OR technicians underwent an extensive five years training program run by International Children Heart Foundation (ICHF). This Memphis (USA) based organization aims at helping the developing countries establish their congenital cardiac surgical services and train local team of doctors. ICHF team of doctors visited AFIC / NIHD on quarterly basis for five years and trained the local doctors in their respective fields.AFIC/NIHD has established an exclusive pediatric cardiac surgical setup, first of its kind in Pakistan that started functioning in June 2012. This setup includes two state of the art operating theatres, a 15 bedded well equipped pediatric intensive care unit and a modern cardiac catheterization laboratory, located on a single floor. Surgeries for almost all simple and complex congenital cardiac diseases are done at AFIC/NIHD.In addition, pediatric cardiac anesthesia services are provided to all the children undergoing various cardiac interventions or diagnostic catheterization studies.We performed about 700 Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries in year 2012.Timing of Provision of ServicesSurgical procedures are done in operating theaters six days a week (Sunday is observed as closed day) while Intensive Care management is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Mon-Sat: 1100-1200 hrs

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