Preventive Cardiology

We offer following services at AFIC, as part of the cardiac Rehabilitation program for individuals already suffering from heart diseases, and as component of the primary preventive strategy for those who are at risk of coronary artery disease;

  • Health information in regard to healthy life style and prevention of heart diseases
  • Comprehensive risk assessment for heart diseases
  • Advice to lower the individual risk of heart diseases
  • Life style modification for patients already suffering from heart disease
  • Dietary advice for obsess, diabetic, hypertensive and heart patients
  • Psychological assessment and stress management
  • Exercise guidance for heart patients
  • You can also become part of research on preventive cardiology

    Address: Department of preventive cardiology, OPD Block, 1st floor, AFIC/NIHD, Rawalpindi
    Contact us: 0092-51-9271002 Ext 3033
    Email: [email protected]