Nutrition benefits just about every person, every day. Nutrition is an integral part of the medical care for all patients. Our objective is to promote the nutritional awareness in individualized manners. For this a Specialist Dietician helps the patients.

The nutritional care services offered at AFIC/NIHD include:

  • It is dedicated to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the admitted patients.
  • Plan N.G’s diets for patients.
  • In door patients are counseled by the dietician on regular basis, according to their diagnosis and lab findings. Their diet is planned accordingly.
  • Patients are provided nutritional counseling to help them make health conscious decisions about food selection.
  • The dietician visits patient in wards to inquire about their reaction to food served and any issue related to it and recommends any modifications to fit the likes and dislikes of the patients.
  • Education for patients (pamphlets)
  • Provision of home diet plans for patients with special needs e.g. hypertension,  diabetes mellitus, gout,  glucose intolerance, lactose intolerance etc
  • Provide guidance and counseling to overweight and obese patients
  • Counseling  and providing diet plan to outdoor patients referred by the hospital doctors

Contact:      +92 51 9271002